Fundraising is not fun for anyone!

Stop asking for money and take action by operating a Keystone fireworks tent

Raise $2,000 to $4,000 for your organization in just about two weeks while building esprit de corps among your volunteers. Non-profit groups throughout the Northeast US use Keystone tents as their primary fundraising solution. Our program is a turnkey package that gives your organization the opportunity to earn profits during the summer selling season:

  • We provide complete online training for all your volunteers.
  • Keystone has the highest fundraising guarantees in the industry…with no hidden admin fees.
  • We take care of everything including leasing the property, contracting for the tent and all the local permits and paperwork.

Lease your property and earn additional funds for your non-profit

Do you have property or access to a property in a good location? If your lot has good visibility, high traffic count and adequate parking entrances, Keystone will provide lease payments…adding additional revenue toward your fund raising goals.

For more information and reserve your tent today, please call 1-800-390-0844 (Contact Us)